Message from Managing Director

Yusuke Kudo

UPR Solution (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Managing Director
Yusuke Kudo

Your Logistics Partner

Our company was founded and commenced operations in September 2015 as the third overseas subsidiary of UPR Corporation.

There has been remarkable development in the Southeast Asian region in recent years. The movement of people, goods and money continues to expand, and in the logistics field too, we must respond to various demands. We offer improved efficiency of logistics and effective use of storage space through our core business of pallet rental as an alternative to ownership.

Our corporate policy "We contribute to society through our business" is unchanged in Malaysia, and we are dedicated to supporting the further development of all companies active in the market and making life for Malaysians more convenient through pallets.

UPR Solution (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Company Timeline

  • Ube Pallet Corporation

    1979. March
    UPR Corporation is founded.
  • Rental Leasing Corporation

    1988. September
    Rental Leasing Corporation is founded.

merger of companies

Ube Pallet Rental Leasing Corporation

2002. September
Through merger, the company is named Ube Pallet Rental Leasing Corporation.

UPR Corporation

2007. September
Ube Pallet Rental Leasing Corporation is renamed UPR Corporation.
2011. September
UPR Singapore Pte.Ltd. is founded.
2014. September
UPR (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is founded.
2015. September
UPR Solution (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is founded.
2017. April
UPR (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Laem Chabang Branch is founded.


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