Advantages of Pallets and Rental Pallets

Advantages of Pallets in Storage


Reduced labor during transportation

Forklifts can be used to move loads in bulk. Even heavy loads can be transported quickly, reducing labor.


Damage prevention

Storing cargo on pallets eliminates direct contact with the ground and protects it from contamination. Transporting on pallets also reduces the number of times products are touched, preventing damage.


Efficient space utilization

Cargo can be stacked vertically for storage. This allows more efficient use of warehouse space.


Inventory control

By storing goods together in pallet units, inventory of goods stock can be done efficiently.

Advantages of Pallets in Transportation


Reduced loading and unloading time

Since pallets are loaded and unloaded by forklift, loading and unloading time can be reduced compared to manual loading and unloading.


Reduction of truck waiting time

Reduced loading and unloading time also reduces truck waiting time.


Labor-saving loading and unloading

Reduces labor during loading and unloading.

Advantages of Rental Pallets

Immediate response to urgent demand

Pallets can be rented “when you want to use them and for as long as you want to use them”. Rental pallets can be rented when there is a sudden increase in demand and new pallets cannot be procured in time.

Reduction of administrative tasks

We will inspect, repair, and clean pallets. This reduces the customer’s administrative work.

Reduction of recovery costs

After use, the equipment is simply returned to the nearest UPR depot, thereby reducing transportation costs associated with collection.

Efficient use of space

There is no need to store pallets that are not used during off-peak periods, etc.

Resource conservation

Pallet rental (sharing) reduces waste, material procurement, CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process, and CO2 emissions during collection.

Advantages of Joint Use and Collection


Logistics efficiency

Improves pallet collection frequency, reducing backlogs and lost pallets.


Business process reduction

With rental pallets, each company shares a single pallet, reducing the burden of individual companies having to purchase, store, manage, and dispose of pallets on their own.


Simplified administration

The joint use of standardized pallets in the industry simplifies pallet management.


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