Rental Structure and Fees

How Rental Pallets Work

Spot rental (storage)

Customers rent the required number of units from the nearest upr depot to their distribution base, and return the units to the upr depot from which they were rented after use. This is suitable for storing products that have a sudden increase in quantity or seasonal fluctuations.

Integrated palletization system (transportation)

We transport and store cargo on pallets from the departure point to the arrival point. You rent the required number of pallets from the nearest UPR depot in your departure city, and return the pallets to the nearest UPR depot in your arrival city after transportation.

International pallet pool system

The pallets rented in Japan (overseas) can be returned overseas (in Japan).
*From overseas to Japan is also available.
*Fee of pallet pool system will be applied.

Flow of Use




Please feel free to contact us. Consultation for installation is free of charge. Depot inventory is fluid, so please be sure to contact us 2-3 days in advance.



We will provide a quote based on the requested products, number of days, quantity, delivery location, etc.



After confirming the items listed in the quotation (products, number of days, quantity, price, delivery depot, delivery date, etc.), the order must be placed.



You will receive them at a nearby depot.



Please return to a nearby depot.


We will issue the invoice at the end of every month. The payment due is by the end of the month after.
If the rental period extends over a month, the rental fee will be billed monthly.

*If the returned items are found to be damaged, dirty, or have a strange odor, which may interfere with the next use, an additional fee may be charged.
*If an item is lost, the customer will be charged a fee based on the market value.

Handling precautions

When using rental material handling equipment or pallets, mishandling during operation may result in serious injury. Please observe the following rules and regulations.

  • Always wear a helmet, safety glasses, work clothes, work gloves, safety shoes, etc. when working.
  • If you find any damage, corrosion, deformation, or foreign matter attached to or mixed in with the rental pallets, please stop using them immediately and contact the nearest sales office.
  • Processing of rental logistics equipment or rental pallets may cause a significant reduction in strength. Please refrain from changing the specifications by yourself.
  • Using rental logistics equipment or pallets on a sloped surface is very dangerous as it may cause the cargo to collapse. Please use them on a flat surface.

If you have any questions about how to use the equipment or pallets, please feel free to contact our nearest sales office.

Return of Rental Pallets

Information on returning rental logistics equipment and rental pallets.

  • Rental logistics equipment and rental pallets must be returned to your local depot. Please contact us at least 48 hours prior to return.
  • Customers are responsible for preparing their own trucks and other transportation vehicles to be used for the return. Please consult with us as it is possible for uPVC to arrange a vehicle.
  • The return is complete when the logistics equipment and pallets are returned to the depot and inspected.

Rental Pallet Rates

Rates for rental logistics equipment and rental pallets.

  • Fees for rental logistics equipment and rental pallets are calculated on a daily basis. Even if the pallets are returned after the minimum rental period (10 days), the rental fee will be charged for the minimum rental period.
  • Expenses incurred for the delivery and collection of logistics equipment and pallets, such as transportation costs, will be billed separately.
  • In the event of loss, damage, or soiling, we will charge for repair or cleaning.
  • The rental fee for material handling equipment and pallets is calculated as follows: “number of days from rental start date to return date x quantity x unit price per day”.


UPR offers pallet rental and sales, IoT solutions, and assist suit.
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