The “SUPPORT JACKET Bb+PROIII” is the strongest model in the series of assistive suits designed for professional use. By adopting features such as the “Bb belt,” the number of points that can be adjusted according to the wearer’s body shape, job description, and working posture has been increased to achieve a high level of fitting performance.

Form navigation function

Lumbar support function

Muscle function

Bb belt

Side ab belt

Sliding chest belt

W-lock knee belt

Breathable fabric


System that assists the lower back and the body

The cause of lower back problem are said to be frequent lifting movements and a slouching posture. The jacket gently reduced the strain on the lower back, guiding the wearers who tend to have bad posture at work towards an ideal aposture by helping abdominal and back muscles to function normally.

Bb+ (Backbone Plus) concept

The second backbone Bb+ (Backbone Plus) was developed to create another trunk, from the backbone to the pelvis. This Second Backbone has the same arch and moderate mobility as a human backbone, controlling increased pressure on intraspinal disks and maintaining a posture angle that puts less strain on the body.

Functions and Features

Form navigation function

By attaching the second backbone Bb+ (Backbone Plus) to the back of the jacket, it guides the spine and hips into an ideal posture.
It also reduces the great strain on the back and hips by reducing the stooping posture associated with work.

Lumbar support function

A large waist belt to stabilize and protect the lower back wraps around the spine, abdominal muscles, and back muscles. This maintains abdominal pressure and reduces strain on the hips and spine during work.

Muscle function

Based on ergonomics, the Muscle Belt is attached from the knee to the waist for leg muscle assistance. This assists the user’s ability to bend forward and get up during work, thereby reducing the burden on muscles.

Bone detachment function

The backbone can be removed and the cloth (fabric) part can be washed in a laundry net.
The main body can be easily attached after washing.

Bb belt

The backbone fits the back just right to maximize the effect of the reaction force. In addition, two types of belts (flexible type and keepable type) are included in the package and can be replaced to suit your preference. In the flexible type, the backbone works with every posture and movement by stretching and contracting the belt. The “keep” type does not stretch and allows the user to easily maintain a forward leaning posture.

Side ab belt

Tightening the belt along the abdominal oblique muscles stabilizes the torso and provides a high degree of hold.
It is also adjustable in length, interchangeable, and removable.

Sliding chest belt

The height of the chest belt can be easily adjusted with a slide.

W-lock knee belt

The non-slip fabric and additional upper and lower retraction belts prevent shifting and make it easy to squat.

Breathable fabric

Breathable fabrics are used.



Effective in all working postures

Effective for work in all postures: upright, leaning forward, stooping, mid-back, and crouching.


Effectiveness verification by myoelectricity

Wearing SUPPORT JACKET Bb+PROⅢ reduces muscle strain by up to 43% *

*Measuring area: erector spinae muscle, rectus femoris muscle
*Methodolgy: Adult male in his 20s. Measured 10 movements of raising and lowering a 10 kg load between the floor and a table.
*Based on in-house testing


Measured pressure on lumbar disks

Measurement of pressure when raising and lowering a 10 kg load

■Comparison of body forward lean angle

■The body forward lean angle improved significantly when wearing SUPPORT JACKET Bb+PROⅢ.
The 17.5° decrease.

■The pressure reduction effect on the lumbar intervertebral discs when the same task is repeated 100 times over 5 days
11,228 kg (a decrease about 11 tonss)

*Calculation results based on a model with a height of 172 cm and weight of 64 kg.
*Methodology: 10 healthy adults (male) aged 20 to 60 engaged in lifting and unloading a 10 kg load. They repeated the task 10 times, then 30 times in 10 minutes, both with and without wearing the product, following a metronome. The entire process was recorded on video. Analysis of the angles of the neck, body, knees, etc., was conducted on the final trial images. The evaluation was performed in September 2023 using REBA (ISO/TR12296), an internationally recognized risk assessment method for occupational back pain..
*Based on a survey by Dr. Mitsugu Yoneda, Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Science, Department of Health Science, Kanazawa University, Kanazawa University, Japan.


Result of test on “effect of inducing good working posture” based on the SUPPORT JACKET Bb+ concept

The “SUPPORT JACKET Bb+” function to restrict a forward tilting angle of the body trunk, which helps workers to maintain good posture. The corset function and elastic fabric covering from the knees to the lower back provide significant assistance for body movements. Lower back pain prevention is a serious health issue being tackled as a national policy. This product is expected to exhibit a positive effect in diverse fields where lower back pain prevention measures are urgently required.

Mitsugu Yoneda,
Associate Professor (Health Science),Graduate Course of Rehabilitation Science, Faculty of Health Science, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Kanazawa University

Introduction video


How to put on

Size chart

Around the knee78~9892~116
Waist circumference
(Pelvic circumference)

*Waist circumference is the circumference of the pelvis, not the waist (abdominal circumference). If in doubt, please choose a larger size.


Manufacturer’s suggested retail price

49,500 yen (including tax)


Exoskeleton-type passive type




Polyester, nylon, polyurethane, polypropylene, POM


Front width 150mm – Rear width 220mm


About 700g

Precautions for use

  • This product is not intended to treat physical ailments.
  • The effectiveness of the three functions claimed by this product may vary from person to person.
  • Please refrain from wearing this product if you have any of the following
    • Persons with injuries or diseases of poor circulation
    • Those with current injuries to the shoulders, chest, knees or wearing area
    • Those with scars, rashes, eczema, or other abnormalities
    • Those who are pregnant or may be pregnant
    • Persons with other medical conditions, etc.
  • Please wear the product correctly when using it.
  • If you feel any abnormality during use, discontinue use immediately.
  • Please stop using the product if it deteriorates, frayed, or torn over time.
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Please read the instruction manual carefully before use and use the product correctly.

Handling instructions

Click here to see the instruction manual for the previous model “SUPPORT JACKET Bb+PROIII”.

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